Rammstein have become a regular client for Perry Scenic with the company producing their sets since 1999. With each and every tour becoming more and more spectacular,they always generate an air of excitement throughout our workshops.

Working closely with the designer's, the Perry Scenic team produced numerous samples of paint finishes and techniques to create Roy Bennett and Peter Aquinde's dark industrial and organic vision for the tour. The 3D cell backdrop (70ft wide x 30ft drop and 3ft depth) was a particular favourite with the band and the team were asked to produce a replica for the new tour and their festival performances. This remarkable kabuki drape was so unique and combined with unparalelled artistry achieved a fantastic sense of depth.

Working in collaboration with Brilliant Stages, and interpreting the band's dark artistic vision, the Perry Scenic team travelled to Berlin and worked extensively to apply a dark, dirty rusty scenic finish to all the pristine aluminium staging.

Perry Scenic have also manufactured several lighting pods, and cyber hoists as well as many bespoke items such as a 20ft high birthing pod and co-ordinated and built a plaster wall through which the band broke through revealing a lighting extravaganza.